What's going on at Shepherd's Rest ? 

Yoga and Horse Riding Retreat

Mind Over Matter - Dance, Movement & Meditation Retreat

23rd-27th May 2019

25th June - 1st July 2019

Come join Gillian, Helena, Joel and Cori for a 4 night yoga and horse riding retreat, suitable for all abilities, in a peaceful family run venue in rural southern Spain.

​Nestled in the Almerian mountains at an altitude of 1025m, looking out over almond and olive groves. There are plenty of great hikes which are suitable for most people and range from half hour to a few hours.

What is blocking you? I don't enjoy feeling trapped...
I have experienced first hand the strides that movement guidance coupled with the gorgeousness of nature can offer. I think it's time to share.

Mind Over Matter' is a one week process that combines movement meditation, object manipulation (hula hoop) as well as other creativity triggers (writing, painting, drawing).

Self-care & Shine Retreat

Soph & Simon's American Diner Night

5th - 9th July 2019

4th June 2019 @ 8pm

On this four-day retreat we will look at how the brain works, why we sometimes get anxious, depressed and stressed out, but how we can use self-care techniques, meditation and yoga to truly look after our mental health. We will dive deeper into yoga, exploring the importance of daily practice for our wellbeing and how we can build it into our busy lives.
American Diner night at Shepherd's Rest
Hosted by Soph & Simon, acoustic duo from Brighton, travelling the world on cruise ships, currently in Florida and the Caribbean.
Burgers, fries, onion rings & shakes ! 
(Vegetarian falafel burger available)
10€ per person